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Our mission is to offer hope to our neighbors who are committed to improving their lives by connecting them to Christ, affordable housing, and a community of caring people.

Reconstructing the present. Reimagining the future.

TransAct Hope is a faith-based program offering hope to community members, helping them to connect with local resources and churches to develop a healthier lifestyle and a relationship with Christ.


TransAct Hope  is about supporting  (but not enabling) people as they make life-changing progress.  We offer hope and fellowship by introducing them to a healthy network of friends, community resources and local churches. TransAct Hope  helps with nutrition and cooking education, financial management education, RentReady, and Jobs for Life classes.

TransAct Hope partners with  community members, allowing them to overcome barriers hindering their growth and work toward a Christ-centered transformation.

TransAct Hope encourages people and gives them resources to know, love, and serve God by living their lives according to His will.  We strive to teach life, problem solving, and critical thinking skills so participants can acquire health tools and resource for navigating life's difficulties on their own.

Participants receive:

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An opportunity to know Christ

Participants are encouraged to join Bible studies and take relevant courses at local churches, such as Jobs for Life and Faith & Finances.

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A personalized care team

Participants are paired with a support partner who helps identify goals and strengths. Together, they choose a team of people who meet regularly to support and hold the participant accountable.

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Affordable housing

TransAct Hope may help program participants with housing based on financial circumstances.  Participants work towards financial security and independence as they learn how to effectively manage their resourced.

1.  Participants must be willing to seek to know Christ and build a relationship with Him.  This could mean participating in a Bible-based Christian community, researching an appropriate Christian community for their family, participating in Bible Study, or meeting one-on-one with a TransAct Hope representative to learn more about Christianity.

2. Participants must demonstrate accountability for his/her choices and have a desire to work through their obstacles and challenges by attending job programs,  financial management programs, working with a mentor, community involvement, or other resources that promote positive growth for his/her own personal situation.  Participants must follow all court-ordered activities if applicable.  References or documentation may be required to show efforts already started toward growth.

3.  Participants are required to work through financial budgets and show documentation of debts, income, legal fines or court costs, and all other relevant financial information.  Participants must be willing to work toward financial stability.

Requirements for Participants:

What Participants Say

“I have been with TransAct Hope for one year, and in that year God has built me back to where I can now give back to others as they have given to me.” 


The cycles of poverty, addiction, abuse, and despair can be broken.

Join us in helping our neighbors.

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