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The impact of hope

TransAct Hope got us connected into a church that has become our home for our family. They have been a resource on how to become a better mom and dad. They have helped us reach small goals and are helping us reach the harder goals too. They are teaching us how to trust people, something we have not come into the world trusting easily. They have taught us in good and bad times that their love is unconditional—something we didn’t get a lot of in our lives. They haven’t run away when it gets hard; they stay. They call us out on things, but they explain in a loving way and show us a better way to deal with it, how we can fix it.  

I have done more in the last three months than I have done in the last three years.  I have accomplished things since coming here that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

Just over four years ago, I had to start over, a single mother with two kids. That was not an easy task. It would not have been possible without TransAct Hope. TransAct Hope gave us the opportunity to live in a new area, enabling us with a healthy environment. 


After not working for a couple of years, living in a TransAct home gave me the ability to “breathe” and comfortably work my way back into and up in the workforce. I was able to focus on giving my children a stable home life without stressing about our living conditions. I have been fortunate to build relationships with numerous people who are either on the board or in some way affiliated with TransAct, and it has greatly improved my involvement in the community. 


TransAct Hope has helped us build a life we as a family can be proud of. Through their patience, gentle corrections, and guidance, we are ready to move forward over the next year to other great opportunities.  

I have not been able to pay off that fine for over two years.  It feels good to finally have it paid off.  The weight is gone.

When I got into the program, they gave us a home to live in and helped me to set goals so I could better plan for my family’s future. When any problems would come up, they would always be there for me. They would help me with my parenting, my employment, and budgeting. 


This has been a life-changing experience, seeing God work through His children in amazing ways. TransAct Hope doesn't just give you the stuff to have a loving family home, but they teach you how to be a good steward of those things which build true joy. God has brought me to a place in life I never thought I would ever be. I have been with TransAct Hope for one year, and in that year God has built me back to where I can now give back to others as they have given to me.


I recommend the program to parents who not only want to have a home for their family, but who want to build that home on a solid foundation, a foundation for which that home will never fall. I owe them everything for taking a chance on me and will never forget that.

I am thankful for TransAct Hope because they are helping me with my HSED, be a more confident parent, and helping me interact with positive and healthy people in my life.

His teacher said he is less angry and much more calm.  It is like he is a different child.  TransAct Hope has been a blessing and other can see the difference it has made for my whole family.

Transact Hope has shown us nothing but love and doesn't judge us.  They help us move forward and look to the future instead of being stuck in the past.

TransAct Hope provides affordable housing to people experiencing economic hardship, then focuses on mending the mind....I woke up this morning in my own bed, in my own room,a nd in a place I've been able to call my own.. Becuase of TransAct Hope.  It's not JUST about this or that or the third...It's about a transitioning mindset; hopless to hopeful; helpless to capable.

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