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In our most recent newsletter, you may have read about ‘Katherine’, and the tremendous impact your support of TransAct Hope has had on her life.  I want to share another story about another very recent addition to our TransAct Hope family, ‘Anna’.


Anna came last week to TransAct Hope after healing at Destiny Point Restoration Home the last 15 months. She has already obtained a car, phone, and has contacted three potential employers for a job. It is her hope to get back to the career that she had before falling to alcoholism. Now, she has allowed the Lord to lead her while recognizing her God given strengths and how she is called to contribute to His Kingdom. She is ready to rebuild her life. She has asked her family for forgiveness and has reached out to them to rekindle their relationship. Anna's goals while she is at TransAct Hope are to gain employment, build her credit, better understand the plans God has for her, and restore healthy relationships with her family. 


We can't thank you enough for making all this possible for Katherine and Anna.  Would you join us again this year in helping individuals just like Katherine?  Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 by December 31st.  Your most generous gift today will provide people like Katherine with financial coaching, spiritual encouragement, and relational wisdom that will help her thrive.   Send your gift in the enclosed envelope today or give at: Thank you for showing Katherine and individuals like her that God loves them and that they matter.  Their lives are changed one day at a time because of YOU.

P.S. - will you help Katherine and Anna get the financial coaching and spiritual encouragement they need this holiday season?  Give $50 or more and your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous matching challenge that ends on December 31st.

Choose your preferred method of giving. Give via:

Mail checks to:

TransAct Hope, Inc.

2501 Nebel St. Unit 408

Stevens Point, WI 54481

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Thank you so much! 

Your generosity is what makes all of this possible.

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